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We are two dads committed to providing a strategy that eliminates the threat of suicide from society entirely.

As thought leaders, we prepare communities with the knowledge and skills needed to address this world health crisis.

Why Solving the Suicide Crisis Is Important

Canadian communities require a holistic strategy in order to solve the problem of suicide. They must strive for a village approach where the collective efforts of their citizens can:

  • Ensure the formation of suicide safe schools, workplaces and communities.
  • Improve the brain health of their children, youth, adults and senior citizens

It has become critical that members of a community plan and work together in order to preserve and protect the lives of those impacted by mental health issues and the suicide crisis. This is because there are not enough clinicians and healthcare professionals to shoulder the overwhelming volume of people who are at risk in these areas.

  • Every 40 seconds someone on planet earth dies by suicide.
  • About 3,800+ people commit suicide in Canada each year. Suicide is the leading cause of injury-related death and one of the top ten causes of death in our country.
  • Suicide trends in youth and Indigenous Peoples in Canada have reached epidemic proportions. The rate of suicide among Indigenous Peoples in Canada is twice the national rate.
  • For every suicide death, there are an estimated 20 to 25 attempts. Experts speculate that the unreported data is between 10 to 25 percent greater than this.
  • Today in Canada, 11 people will die by suicide; 210 others will attempt suicide.
  • One death by suicide equals 7 to 10 bereaved people left to grieve the loss. That means that today in Canada 77 to 110 people are grieving their dead loved ones because of suicide.
  • Suicide and mental health are deeply connected. It is estimated that 90 per cent of people who die by suicide were experiencing a mental health problem or illness.

A Strategic Approach:The 2Dads4 Project

We are confident that our strategy works.

The 2Dads4 Project provides communities with a more accurate understanding of the suicide problem in our country. We also provides an achievable solution to this problem.

In essence, we activate citizens to become a big part of the solution.

Together, we can stop suicide!

Challenge #1: We must increase public awareness and shift public perceptions regarding the facts and myths associated to the subject of suicide.

We need to encourage empathy through education.

Our Response: We teach citizens how to talk about suicide and equip them with a village approach to suicide safety.

These are our “role models".

Challenge #2: We must train 12-15% of our citizens with the knowledge and skills to spot people at risk for suicide and intervene.

We need to save the lives of those at risk.

Our Response: We ensure that there is one fully trained suicide first responder for every 16 people with “eyes” on the problem. This provides a high degree of safety from suicide and self-harm.

These are our “lifeguards”.

Challenge #3: We must remove the enormous stigma of suicide experienced by surviving family members, surviving attempters and those struggling with suicidal thinking. These people suffer the devastating effects of suicide in isolation and silence.

We need to erase this stigma from every segment of our society.

Our Response: We must cultivate safe places where those impacted deeply by suicide can talk honestly about the struggles they are facing and be encouraged. These are our “overcomers”.

Challenge #4: We must teach people how to alleviate the excessive amount of psychological, emotional and physical stress they are putting themselves through on a daily basis.

We must inspire self-care behaviours.

Our Response: We equip citizens with tools they can use to take charge of the quality of life they wish to experience and to help others.

These are our “champions”.

The threat of suicide can be eliminated entirely at the community level. It requires a community effort to achieve this though. The 2Dads4 project aims to support the creation of suicide safe communities in Canada.

Encourage your leaders, influencers and decision makers to contact us in order to set up a round table discussion on how we can resolve the suicide problem in your community.

Contact Us

Encourage your leaders, influencers and decision makers to contact us in order to set up a round table discussion on how we can resolve the suicide problem in your community.


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Why do people die by suicide and how do we stop it?

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An Explanation of Our Strategy

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