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The Challenge

One person in the world dies as a result of suicide every 40 seconds. In Canada, more than 3,800 people complete suicide annually. In any given year, as much as 6% of the population have serious thoughts of suicide. Up to 100 times more are injured by non-fatal suicidal behaviors. In the north, suicide rates are 10-15 times higher than the rest of Canada. Those profoundly impacted by suicide loss suffer in silence due to the stigma associated with it.

Our Objectives

Train at least one ASIST first responder for every 12-15 people in a community. Certify suicide lifeguards.

Educate people to talk about suicide openly and candidly. Share the truths and dispel the myths.

Equip people with tools that help them manage life more effectively while reducing factors that contribute to stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, self-harm and suicide.

Bill and Demetre are dynamic speakers who bring a wealth of personal experience to a very sensitive topic. Their vision is to eliminate the threat of suicide one school, one workplace, one church, one community at a time. Suicide safe communities are achievable using their holistic, village approach. Bill and Demetre are on a mission.

Four LifeTalk Sessions Available

Session 1: suicideTALK - Real, raw and respectful

This a real but sensitive talk by two dads concerned about the suicide health crisis. This powerful presentation can be tailored to any group. Bill is a suicide survivor. Demetre struggled with suicide loss. Together they present the facts and dispel the myths about suicide. They also introduce a strategy for the formation of suicide safe communities.

Session 2: suicideSAFETY - How to be suicide safe

This presentation is intended for community leaders, influencers and decision makers. Bill and Demetre lead a critical discussion and zero in on the suicide safety plan that will work for your unique population.

Session 3: suicideCHAMPIONS - Activating the suicide safety plan

This is a strategic planning session. All the elements in your suicide safety plan are activated. Bill and Demetre equip your community champions to lead all efforts to eliminate the threat of suicide.

Session 4: #308 Conversations - Town hall meeting

This is a grassroots campaign spearheaded by the Mental Health Commission of Canada (MHCC). Bill and Demetre will invite your Member of Parliament (MP) and other community leaders to host a conversation about suicide prevention. We encourage all Canadians to share the responsibility with all levels of our government to raise the public profile of mental health issues and encourage open discussion about the importance of suicide prevention.

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Suicide Intervention Workshop

ASIST 11.1 First Responders Training

This is intensive life protection training that saves lives when the threat of suicide is eminent. Formal and informal helpers in communities are trained to be ready, willing, and able to intervene for persons-at-risk of suicide. Although ASIST is widely used by healthcare providers, participants don't need any formal training to attend the workshop—anyone 16 or older can learn and use the ASIST model. Bill and Demetre will train you to be a "suicide intervention first responder" and save lives. Become a suicide lifeguard in your community!

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Come and meet Bill and get your book signed at Indigo on April 21st.

1590 Kenaston Blvd, Winnipeg, Manitoba from 1pm to 4pm.

Also, at Chapters on April 28th.

Polo Festival, 695 Empress Street Winnipeg, Manitoba from 1pm to 4pm

A True Story of Survival

Excerpt from the book...

"When I opened the back door to get out, I was nearly blinded by the bright daylight. I had no idea how many hours had passed or even what day it was. The constant noise of street life greeted me and the freezing wind caught me off guard. In my unsteadiness, I landed hard on the frozen ground. It was an insanely cold January day in Winnipeg. I fought to get my footing on a patch of ice, but my drug-ravaged, weakened body just wouldn't let me stand up. The clamour of traffic blared about my ears. When I finally got my footing, I looked at the palms of my hands. I had cut them when I fell and they stung despite the cold.

My heart was racing faster and faster. I was afraid that I didn't have much time before it exploded. I knew I didn't want to die in my own home. For some reason, I wanted to die in my old bedroom at my parents home, about ten blocks away."

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Join One of Two Support Groups suicideANONYMOUS

suicideANONYMOUS - Survivors Support Group

This group is for survivors of suicide. It is also for those who struggle with ideation and loved ones who are concerned about them.

suicideANONYMOUS - Bereavement Support Group

This group is for those who are grieving due to suicide loss. It's time to join others in the healing process and honour your lost loved ones.

More groups being established 2020 !

(Let us know if you would like more details)

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Suicide Prevention / Life Skills Seminars

The brainHEALTH Series

All activities that you can identify as important to your well-being are part of self-care. Everyone needs to commit to such activities on a regular basis -- daily doses improve the quality of your life dramatically.

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