Vital Core Life Training

Against Addictions & Suicide

Who We Are

The Vital Core Life (VCL) team believes that individuals, communities, organizations and governments at all levels should collaborate in the promotion of suicide intervention initiatives. We are approaching influencers and decision makers (i.e. community champions) who can help us advocate for public awareness regarding the global suicide health crisis.

Our primary focus is to offer the Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training (ASIST) workshop to organizations and to the communities that they serve. The people we train will act as "lifeguards" (i.e. community heroes) on the lookout for those at risk.

Our secondary focus is to offer additional trainings to helpers, persons-at-risk and others in the community. These focus on equipping people (i.e. community role-models) with tools and strategies that aid in prevention and postvention efforts. This liberates them to live full vital lives.

Finally, our team helps facilitate efforts to form support groups and campaigns that raise public awareness..

ASIST is an internationally recognized workshop that is offered to all formal and informal community helpers. Our master-trainers are qualified and registered through LivingWorks Education Inc.

Our Training

Our team encourages people to value life. We train and coach them to think and live LEAN.

  • Eliminate self-harm: protect others
  • Learn self-care: live better
  • Improve self-management: work smarter
  • Increase self-reliance: be stronger

Our Team

Demetre Balaktsis
Registered ASIST 11.1 Master Trainer
Developing and facilitating adult learning for over 18 years. Maintains that the best way for people to learn is by engaging in active behavioral education. Provides a learning environment where trainees can function in the knowledge and skills they wish to acquire. Will gently stretch your comfort zone while ensuring a safe learning experience for all workshop attendees.
Bill Vassilopoulos
Registered ASIST 11.1 Master Trainer
Experienced front-line caregiver at the management level. Focuses on the areas of addictions and special needs. Passionately supports suicide intervention initiatives. Often uses the ASIST model to intervene with persons at risk for suicide. Will bring practical knowledge and stories to workshops that elevate the learning experience.