Vital Core Life Training

Against Addictions & Suicide

Next ASIST 11.1 Workshop


Monday & Tuesday

OCTOBER 16th & 17th

Jake Epp Library

255 ElmDale Street

9:00am to 4:30pm 

both days

Next brainHEALTH Workshop

Starts Oct 18th

The Challenge

One person in the world dies as a result of suicide every 40 seconds. In Canada, more than 3,800 people complete suicide annually. In any given year, as much as 6% of the population have serious thoughts of suicide. Up to 100 times more are injured by non-fatal suicidal behaviors. In the north, suicide rates are 10-15 times higher than the rest of Canada. Those profoundly impacted by suicide loss suffer in silence due to the stigma associated with it.

The problem of suicide affects all cultural groups, socioeconomic classes and ages. The impact on our communities is staggering. This phenomenon is a global health crisis.

Our Vision

Eliminate the suicide health crisis one community at a time.

Our Mission

We believe that educating 10% of the people in a community with the ASIST Workshop results in it being suicide safe. That bringing suicide into the light of public awareness creates a network that supports healing. That developing people liberates them to live with more vitality, success and meaning. It is our mission to work with others to proactively advocate for these beliefs.

Why are we so passionate about what we do?

Watch this video Public Service Announcement we produced and find out....

"Ultimately, the success of this type of collaborative effort rests with people that want to be helpers in creating suicide safe communities."

Our Plan

STEP 1  -  Train at least one ASIST first responder for every 12 people in a community.

STEP 2  -  Educate people to talk about suicide openly and candidly.

STEP 3  -  Equip people with tools that help them manage life more effectively while reducing factors that 

                  contribute to stress, anxiety, burnout, depression, self-harm and suicide.